• Winner Takes All ehanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Dee

Jasmine arrives home from work to find Dee playing with a pair of handcuffs. Dee explains that she found them in the attic but they seem to be broken; she demonstrates by putting them on herself and then seemingly getting out of them without a key. She feigns mystification and invites Jasmine to try them out to see if she can figure out why the cuffs don't seem to lock. The two women play a little game where Dee pretends to be arresting Jasmine and they both laugh at the silliness of it. Then Jasmine stops laughing. She can't get the cuffs off. She is even more confused with Dee leaves the room and comes back with more cuffs, this time for the ankles. She makes Jasmine lay on the floor then attaches the cuffs to her ankles, wrapping the connecting chain around the handcuffs on her wrists, not once but four times, placing Jasmine in a tight hogtie. Jasmine is growing alarmed and demands to be released, but Dee is in full swing now. She produces yet another pair of cuffs and locks them around Jasmine's arms just below the elbows. Dee tells Jasmine that if she can get out of this, she can tie her up as tightly as she likes. Jasmine is furious and calls after Dee as she leaves the room and goes to her bedroom where she relaxes and begins reading a book. Jasmine struggles but knows that she can never slide out of the handcuffs. Then she reasons that Dee must have had a key to let herself out of the cuffs initially, and cranes to see if the key is still on the chair where Dee was sitting. To her relief, it's there; Dee has forgotten to remove it. Jasmine inches her way across the floor and begins rocking the chair to dislodge the key. It takes a lot of effort but at last the key falls to the floor, and Jasmine is able to unlock her cuffs.

We see Dee relaxing and wondering how Jasmine s doing, laughing to herself as she envisions the girl trying to get out of impossible bondage. To her total shock, Jasmine enters her bedroom carrying cuffs, ropes and duct tape. Dee demands to know how Jasmine escaped and kicks herself when the girl explains. Jasmine is quickly on top of Dee and attaching the handcuffs to her wrists. Dee objects, saying that she doesn't want to be tied up, to which Jasmine replies that she didn't either, but it happened anyway. She uses rope to put Dee in a hogtie, saying that she has to go out to class soon, but she'll be kind and leave Dee the key to the cuffs. Dee is relieved, but only because she does not know what Jasmine is planning. Once Jasmine has her friend secured, she takes off one of Dee's socks, lets her watch as she drops the handcuffs key inside it, then crunches it up and thrusts it into Dee's mouth. To stop the women spitting it out, Jasmine duct tapes her mouth. Just to torment her friend, Jasmine sits on the bed beside Dee and pretends to read her book, then suddenly notices the time and says she must dash. She tries to object through her sock-filled mouth but Jasmine doesn't care and departs. Dee struggles but there is no way out of this predicament; she will simply have to lie there cuffed, tied and gagged until Jasmine gets back from her class.

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Winner Takes All ehanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Dee

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