• SWAT: Part 3 (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka's ordeal continues. She wakes to find herself hogtied with ropes. She starts to call out for help, and her captor immediately arrives to hand gag her and keep her quiet. He has decided to take advantage of the situation. Rather than just confine Vonka to stop her summoning help, he now wants information about access to the armory at her headquarters. Vonka refuses to give up the information he wants, so he starts twisting her nipples, hoping that torture will loosen her tongue. When Vonka still refuses to talk, he pushes a ball gag into her mouth and tightens the strap at the back of her neck, then leaves her bound and gagged for a while to reconsider her position. Vonka struggles to get free but the ropes binding her are too tight. She is trapped and helpless. When her captor comes back again, he twists both of her nipples at the same time, and finally she gives him information. It may not be accurate information, but at least it makes him stop the nipple torture. He warns he that if she lied, he will be back to punish her further. For her part, Vonka hopes the asshole will get caught and her team will come to rescue her.

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SWAT: Part 3 (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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