• Begging For Bondage enhanced (MP4) - Tara

Tara loves to be tied up. She adores it. The trouble is, none of her boyfriends have ever been willing to do this to her. As a last resort, she visits an old friend and asks him if he would be willing to tie her up. At first he is reluctant, thinking the request very weird, but Tara gets down on her knees and pleads with him to tie her. He finally agrees and she encourages him to bind her wrists and ankles, then add more layers of rope above and below her breasts, securing everything together between her shoulder blades and ending by extending the remaining rope to her wrists, seriously immobilizing her. Tara then asks him to gag her by stuffing a handkerchief into her mouth and sealing it in with strips of duct tape. The idea is that Tara will relax in bondage for a while to chill out, then she plans to try getting herself free. Obviously, if she can't succeed her friend will help her. But then the unexpected happens. The phone rings and her friend is called away urgently (it seems he is a member of the local auxiliary fire department) and he has to run without wasting time untying her. He calls back that he shouldn't be more than a few hours, but as the time passes, Tara finds herself trapped in the rope with no immediate prospect of help. She works her way to the kitchen in search of something to cut herself free, but she is unable to reach any of the knives of scissors that could assist her. In the end, Tara is forced to give up and just wait for her friend to come back.

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Begging For Bondage enhanced (MP4) - Tara

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