• Predicament (WMV) - Tara

Tara has lost her way on a quiet country road. Her GPS software is out of date and does not show the road coming to a dead end. Her cell phone battery has died after hours of continuous use. When a man walks past her vehicle, Tara calls out to ask him for directions. When he comes closer to the car, he starts looking at her in a very disconcerting way. He claims to know her and starts calling her Susan, a girl he used to sit next to at school. Tara realizes that the guy is not quite all there and just wants to leave, but he reaches in through the open window and takes her keys from the ignition. Tara struggles, trying to get away, but the psycho produces a vial of clear liquid from his pocket. He holds Tara in a neck lock as he pours the liquid onto a cloth and presses it over her nose and mouth. Tara frantic struggles weaken and then stop altogether. He drags a limp Tara from her car and cradles her in his arms, carrying her to his house nearby. When Tara recovers, she finds herself chained to a chair, her wrists locked in handcuffs, her ankles locked in bracelets, and padlocks everywhere. She realizes she has no chance of escape. When the psycho enters the room, she struggles futilely as he continues to insist that she is Susan, warning her that she needs to start telling the truth. When Tara keeps insisting that he has mistaken her for someone else, his anger rises. He devises more uncomfortable restraints to make her change her mind, including standing with her bound wrists pulled up behind her, her ankles tied, a cleave gag in her mouth. When this doesn't prove enough to break her, he makes her kneel and raised her feel from the floor, then pulls her bound wrists up above her head. Tara is forced to balance on her knees, unable to reach up to free her hands or place her feet on the floor. Her captor begins to grope her breasts, unbuttoning her blouse and reaching inside her bra. "They're just as soft as I imaged," he whispers, to Tara's distress. When she still insists that she is not Susan, the psycho grows angry again, stuffs and cloth into her mouth and wraps duct tape around her head and arms to teach her a lesson. Realizing the only way out of this nightmare is to go along with him, the next time he asks if she is Susan, she nods in affirmation. She is horrified when the psycho then whispers, "I don't believe you," then exits the room leaving Tara balancing on her knees in agony with no way out of her predicament.

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Predicament (WMV) - Tara

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