• Jamie Daniels Collection (MP4) - Jamie Daniels, Keri Spectrum & Dee

1. The Rookie
Jamie & Dee are detectives on their way to arrest a criminal. Dee has been recently promoted to rookie Detective. At the house, Dee is left outside to cut off any escape while Jamie enters the house. Unfortunately for Dee her phone rings. She stops it but she's frightened that the criminal might have heard it. She continues keeping watch, unaware that a masked man is creeping up behind her. He hand gags Dee and forces her to put her own handcuffs on herself, then they wait for Jamie to emerge from the house. Jamie seems startled when she finds the masked man holding her partner prisoner, and has no choice but to lock herself in her own handcuffs too. Dee looks mortified and apologies to Jamie for her mistake. The two detectives are marched to the criminal's Jeep where Jamie is pushed inside the vehicle, while Dee has her ankles secured with a zip tie and duct tape stuck over her mouth before she is left lying on the grass. She watches as the Jeep is driven away with her captured colleague. Jamie manages to stand up and hop to the car where she finds a key to unlock her handcuffs and some clippers to free her feet. She goes after the criminal and is able to pick up the vehicle, following it to its destination. Dee toys with the idea of calling dispatch to get backup, but she also feels the need to redeem herself by being the one to rescue Jamie. Upon arrival, Dee finds Jamie tied and gagged to a chair in a grimy garage, sitting n front of a camera - clearly the bad guy is planning to record a message to someone to get whatever he needs in exchange for Jamie's life. Dee starts to untie her colleague when the criminal enters the room. Dee gets the drop on him and makes him release Jamie. It looks as if the detectives now have the upper hand, but to Dee's surprise and horror, Jamie turns on her. She is evidently working in league with the criminal. Dee is now tied to a chair as the two discuss how they will have to revise their plans. In the new version, Jamie will be tied up along side Dee, and when the camera is running, Dee will be sacrifices to show just how serious the criminal's demands are. Dee begins crying as she is gagged, her mascara streaking on her cheeks as her tears fall. With Jamie securely bound, the camera is set rolling and the criminal is about to issue him demands, but then he hears the sound of approaching police sirens. It seems that Dee did call the situation in after all. The criminal makes a run for it, leaving Jamie to face the music. Now it's Jamie's turn to look desperate while Dee is relieved that she is safe.

2. I Want Information
Keri has designs on robbing the safe at her office since she is about to be fired. She learns from the colleagues that the one person who definitely knows the combination to the safe is Jamie, the boss's personal secretary. After work, Keri grabs Jamie and transports her to her home. We join the action as Keri lifts the bound Jamie from the back seat of her car and carries her inside the house. There, she begins interrogating the girl in an effort to get the code to the safe. Jamie claims to know nothing about it and sticks to her story however much Keri tries to intimidate her. Keri tries everything she can think of to make the girl talk, but in the end she has no choice but to resort to more drastic measures. She drags Jamie into the kitchen and begins dunking her head in a sink full of water, holding her head under for longer and longer periods until the girl is finally defeated him and gives up the combination. She thinks Keri will let her go now, but instead Keri takes her back to the living room and re0gags her, leaving her lying there still tied up and with her hair sopping wet.

3. Forced Into Zipties
Jamie and Dee arrive home early to find an intruder. He forces them to zip tie one another to keep them out of the way while he finishes robbing them. Because the two women refuse to stop talking, he stuffs a cloth into each woman's mouth and seals it in with duct tape. After he leaves, Jamie and Dee test each others bonds but there is no hope of getting those strong plastic ties off their wrists and ankles. Dee then remembers that she has a pair of clippers in a drawer across the room. She manages to get to her feet and hop to the drawer, pulling it open and retrieving the clippers. She works her way back to Jamie and the pair set about freeing one another.

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Jamie Daniels Collection (MP4) - Jamie Daniels, Keri Spectrum & Dee

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