• Under False Pretenses enhanced (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

Niki is a girl with wealthy parents who is at home alone in her own place. There is a knock on the door and she is met by a man claiming to be from the electric company. He says there have been some unusual electrical surges in the area and wants to check on the wiring in her house. Niki, who does not have a clue about such things, lets him in. When her back is turned, the self-proclaimed electrical engineer sneaks up behind her while she is at the kitchen sink and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. Nike wakes to find her wrists and ankles secured with zip ties and a cleave gag between her teeth. She is in the back of the electrician's vehicle; it's not moving so he has apparently already taken her somewhere and left her tied up in the back. It's sweltering hot and Niki struggles, trying to get free, but against zip ties her efforts are futile. At last, the electrician opens the door, snips the zip tie around her ankles and drags her from the vehicle. Niki experiences a moment of hope when he frees her legs, hoping that he might let her go. Instead, he marches her into a dingy garage. She tries to pull away but she can't break free. He leaves for a few minutes, letting the horror of the situation become very apparent to Niki. When he comes back he removes her gag and lets her drink a few sips of water before phoning her parents and making her beg them to pay a ransom of half a million dollars to get her back, pulling the gag back in her mouth to keep her quiet while he issues instructions. It seems that Niki is going to be left standing there, unable to sit down until the following day. After he re-secures her ankles with a zip tie, her captor removes her gag completely. He lets Niki drink a little more water before stuffing a cloth into her mouth and tying a bandage over the top. Before he leaves, the man unzips her skirt and pulls it down, leaving it around her bound feet. He also unbuttons her blouse and pulls the panels aside, revealing that Niki is not wearing a bra. He departs, obviously intending to leave her in this terrible situation until he gets paid.

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Under False Pretenses enhanced (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

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