• Laci Star Collection - 5-movie set

1. Bind Her Tight
Time: 13 minutes 53 seconds
Laci makes hr first appearance on Beauties in Bondage, playing the role of a young woman who has been grabbed by a hooded man and marched into his living room. To subdue her, Laci has a cloth pressed over her nose and mouth to keep her quiet, then her wrists are tied together behind her back. As her ankles are being bound, Laci begins to recover and begins to fight again. The hooded man stuffs a handkerchief into her mouth and wraps duct tape around her head, preventing her from spitting it out and from talking any more. He finishes the job by putting Laci in a hogtie before he goes out, leaving her to wait for him. Laci struggles to free herself but the ropes are too tight, so she wiggles her way into the kitchen in search of something she can use to cut herself free. The lower drawers of the cabinets yield nothing useful, and because of the hogtie Laci cannot reach the upper drawers. Realizing that she is helpless, she lays down on the floor to wait for the hooded man to return.

2. Laci Gets Tied Up & Can't Escape
Time: 23 minutes 26 seconds
Laci says she wants to be tied to a chair, so we oblige her. She is certain that she will be able to escape afterwards but this proves to be false confidence. Laci giggles as she tries in vain to get free, and seems to enjoy the entire process.

3. Captured Laci
Time: 9 minutes 40 seconds
Laci, wearing a catsuit and high heels, has been bound and gagged and wriggles around the room looking for something to help her escape her bonds. The ropes are tight and she cannot slide out of them. It looks like she is going to spend quite a while in captivity. (This is a vignette).

4. Duct Tape & Laci
Time: 11 minutes 19 seconds
Laci is secured by her wrists, knees and ankles with duct tape. More tape has been used to gag her. Struggling in a tight top and a short skirt, Laci makes her way to her phone and tries to call for help. Unusual for us, this clip is filmed without any edits; the camera just follows Laci as she works her way around the room.

5. Forcibly Stripped
Time: 10 minutes 25 seconds
Laci has been taken prisoner and stands with her wrists cuffed above her head and her ankles secured with a zip tie. The man who took her enters the room and stands admiring her as she squirms in discomfort under his gaze. When he advances on her with a pair of scissors, she fears the worst. But he is not going to hurt her. He begins to cut the hem of her dress and then rips it apart as far up as the tear will go. He does the same to the other side of the dress, cutting a little and then ripping until Laci's dress is hanging on her in tatters. Finally, he snips through the strap holding the dress on her and it falls to the floor. Next, he frees her ankles, removes her shoes and then peels off her stockings before picking up the scissors again and starting work on her bra and panties. Laci objects and tries to pull away from him, but the handcuffs prevent her from going anywhere. When she is completely naked, the man promises to return soon to play with her, then leaves the room.

Laci Star Collection - 5-movie set

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