• The Taylor Collection: Volume 2 (MP4) - 79 minutes

1. A Client For Mr Roper
Taylor is a conservative secretary who has confided in a friend at work that she has always wanted to be tied up but has been afraid to ask any of her past boyfriends in case they thought her weird. Her friend points her to an advertisement in an adult magazine where a Mr. Roper, a professional rigger, is offering his services. The rates are pretty steep, but Taylor feels that if she is ever going to experience the sensation of real bondage, she must take the plunge. She arrives at Mr Roper's house feeling anxious and beginning to wonder if she has made a mistake. Roper is reassuring, although he does ask her to sign a waiver to confirm that she is consensual in the proceedings. She even negotiates a lower price for Roper's services and he agrees, if a little reluctantly. After the waiver is signed and dated, Roper sets to work tying Taylor to a chair. She soon discovers that the ropes are tight but not uncomfortable, and that she probably won't be able to escape. Roper adds more and more rope, ensnaring her ankles, upper calves, lower thighs, upper tights, waist and chest until she can barely move. When the job is finished, Taylor says that's fine but can he now let her go. Roper says that she signed for three hours of bondage and that is what she is going to receive. Before she can protest much more, Taylor finds herself gagged with white duct tape. To her alarm, Roper unbuttons the top button on her blouse before leaving her alone to fully experience the sensation of inescapable bondage. An hour later, Roper returns to check on her. Taylor is struggling and trying to ask him to free her, but he misinterprets her cries to mean that she is too hot, so he unbuttons her blouse further and pulls the panels aside to expose the black bra encasing her ample breasts. Roper also pulls her skirt up, perhaps because this too will help her to cool off, or perhaps because it shows off the tops of her thigh high stockings. Later, Roper releases the rope across her upper thighs and pulls her skirt up further, explaining that when the three hours are up, he might give Taylor an extra two hours of bondage for free. Taylor tries to protest but Roper just doesn't seem to understand her, so she has no choice but to sit it out because she absolutely cannot get free.

2. Tying Ordeal
Taylor is being held prisoner, her wrists and ankles secured by zip ties and she is gagged with duct tape. She can't wriggle out of her bonds so she tries first to reach a phone and call for help. She is placing the call when her captor enters the room and takes away the phone. Taylor then works her way to the kitchen and in on the verge of reaching a pair of scissors she might use to cut herself free when her captor interrupts er again. Because she can't stay out of trouble, Taylor is carried into the dining area and seated on a chair. For the next ten minutes, she endures the ordeal of being tied to the chair with rope, plenty of rope. Her captor decides to change her duct tape gag for a cleave gag, then leaves her to it. Taylor struggles in vain, still held by zip ties and now with the addition of a lot of rope. There would seem to be no escape... until she spots a box cutter on the wine rack. She works her way over to the rack but there is simply no way for her to reach it. She is trapped. (All tying is done on screen).

3. Watch Taylor Being Tied Up
Taylor asks to be tied to a chair. First her ankles are bound tightly together, then her legs just beneath her knees, her thighs just above her knees, her wrists behind her back, and finally rope above and below her breasts which secure her to the back of the chair. To finish off, a cloth cloth is stuffed into Taylor's mouth; she is prevented from spitting it out by three layers of black gorilla-strength duct tape. Following the tying sequence, Taylor struggles to get free for almost 8 minutes, but without success.

Each video has been upscaled and enhanced. Supplied as three separate videos.

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The Taylor Collection: Volume 2 (MP4) - 79 minutes

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