• The Sales Rep (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence is a rep selling sportswear door to door. She visits the house of some old guy who is obviously not a viable customer, so she asks if he has a wife. That is her mistake. He says he has and invites her in, asking her to show him the various sports outfits before he goes to fetch his wife. But is transpires that he has no wife. What he wants is to make Cadence try on each of the outfits, and while she is wearing each one, he plans to tie her up. So begins Cadence's extended nightmare as she is forced to undress and try on outfit number one before being hogtied on the floor. She almost escapes, but the old guy intercepts her and ties her up and ball-gagged in his garage, having been made to change into the second outfit. There is no escape this time, and Cadence has to stand there waiting to be untied. When she is, she is made to strip and put on the next outfit before being tied to a chair and cleave gagged. Now it appears she has run out of outfits, so when the old guy ties her to his bed for some fun later on, she is wearing only her panties. How could things possible get any worse?

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The Sales Rep (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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