• She Who Dares Wins (MP4) - Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James

Cadence and Jasmine are associate professors at a University, and together they have made a significant discovery which will earn one of them a tenured position. The problem is that only one tenured job is available, and each girl is convinced that her name appears first on their scientific publication, making it the one most frequently quoted and therefore most likely to earn tenure. Cadence believes she provided the most input for the work and believes her name should appear first, but Jasmine disagrees. Always one to be proactive, Jasmine decides she will put on a sexy suit with a short skirt and go talk to the Dean, increasing her chances of being the selected candidate. Cadence decides that enough is enough. Clearly, she must take drastic steps in order to win the position over her ambitious colleague. She overpowers Jasmine, tying her to a chair before she, Cadence, changes into her own sexy suit with a short skirt ready to present herself to the Dean. Before she colleague can depart, however, Jasmine gets free and returns the favor, placing Cadence in a tight hogtie with a ballgag stuffed into her mouth. So begins an afternoon where each girl keeps breaking free from restraints and overpowering her colleague. Which of them will reach the Dean's office first is anyone's guess.

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She Who Dares Wins (MP4) - Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James

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