• The Best Laid Plans enhanced (MP4) - Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm

Kaitlin teams up with Scarlett in this tale of robbery and betrayal. Scarlett is working in a back office at a bank, responsible for sending out orders for checkbooks and other related documents. She's behind with her work and is staying late to catch up. Kaitlin sneaks up behind the girl and clamps a hand over her mouth, threatening to hurt her if she doesn't do as she is told. Kaitlin zips Scarlett's wrists behind her back and gags her with duct tape. Scarlett is led from the building. She is transported in the trunk of a car to a remote house, then taken into the basement where she is tied to a chair. Kaitlin removes the girl's gag and demands the code to the bank's vault. When Scarlett says she doesn't have it, Kaitlin re-gags her and explains that someone is coming who will make her talk. Later, Scarlett is taken upstairs and placed in a hogtie just before Kaitlin's partner arrives. His threats to Scarlett are far more effective and the girl gives up the code. Now he has the information, Kaitlin's boss says that he no longer needs her and overpowers her. Kaitlin is shocked and then angry as she is tied to a chair and gagged. Even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong. Left alone and seemingly united by their mutual plight, the two girls agree to help one another get free, but this arrangement backfires for Kaitlin.

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The Best Laid Plans enhanced (MP4) - Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm

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