• Gag to Gag (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

Sinthia is a secretary who is being held captive because she has stolen a flash drive containing some very sensitive documents that her company does not want disseminated to the press or its competitors. Until she is willing to give up the location of the drive, she is kept tied to a chair, and gagged. Each time her captor comes in, he removes her gag and asks her if she is willing to walk yet. Each time she refuses, she is gagged again, each time with a different gag - bit gag, duct tape gag, ball gag, cleave gag, and finally some microfoam tape which is wrapped around her head four times, sealing her mouth shut. At this point, her captor says he is leaving now because she did not cooperate, and that later in the day, someone else will come to take over interrogating her, someone who will use far more extreme methods to make her talk.

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Gag to Gag (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

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