• The Bodyguard enhanced (MP4) - Cadence Lux & Laci Star

Laci has been targeted by a criminal gang who wants to grab her and hold her for ransom. Because of this, she has been assigned a bodyguard in the form of Detective Cadence Lux. Laci enjoys horse riding and insists on continuing with her activities, despite Cadence's requests for her to stop and keep herself safe. Laci playfully suggests that Cadence might like to be her permanent personal bodyguard, her expression suggesting that she is attracted to Cadence. When Laci heads out to the stables, Cadence knows she has no choice but to follow her to keep an eye on the hapless girl. After watching Laci drive away, Cadence re-enters the house to get her car keys, but before she realizes what is happening, a masked man ties her up and compels her to call Laci, instructing the girl to come back to the house on the pretext that she has received another message. Laci returns some minutes later and is quite annoyed at being called back. When she finds Cadence bound and gagged on the floor, her irritation evaporates and she kneels down beside the detective, ungagging her before trying to kiss her. Cadence warns her that they are in danger but Laci pays no attention. Moments later, Laci is grabbed and tied up alongside her bodyguard. When the masked man leaves the room for a few minutes, Laci works her way over to Cadence and starts making out with her. The detective looks at the girl in disbelief, chastising her for not untying her when she had the chance. The bad guy returns with some cloth and cleave gags both girls, then carries them one at a time to the detective's car, placing them on the back seat ready to drive to a new location from which he will issue his ransom demand.

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The Bodyguard enhanced (MP4) - Cadence Lux & Laci Star

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