• The Gatherer enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Jamie Daniels, Niki Lee Young, Dee, Jessica & Maria

The Gatherer collects attractive young women, making a collection in his dark room away from prying eyes. He grabs them in pairs and makes them change into dresses of his choice, and transports them to his country hideaway. First, He makes Maria climb from the back seat of his car, already gagged and with wrists bound together behind her back. He marches Maria into his dark room and ties her ankles together to stop her running away. He goes back to his car and opens the trunk. Inside, Dee is sleeping, lying there with wrists and ankles tied. The gatherer lifts the drowsy woman from the trunk and carries her inside, setting her down beside Maria before he gags her to shut her up. Later in the day, the Gatherer arrives home in his Jeep with two more taken women inside. He opens the back and lifts Niki out, throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her in to join Maria and Dee. When her returns for Jamie, he finds her climbing out of the Jeep and trying to get away, even though her legs are tied. He hurries to grab her and pick her up, taking her into his lair too. He decides now that he had better hogtie all the girls to make sure they can't get up and hop to the door. Just as he is securing the fourth girl, he hears the sound of a car engine approaching and hurries outside to intercept whoever it is, anxious that they should not come close to the house where they may hear his four captives squealing for help through their gags.

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The Gatherer enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Jamie Daniels, Niki Lee Young, Dee, Jessica & Maria

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