• I Can't Let You Leave enhanced (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica is valuing a property and its contents with a view to putting it on the market, and she is walking around with a notepad and listing everything of significance. In one room she opens a drawer, almost without thinking. What she sees inside makes her gasp - there are mementos, clearly belong to women. The owner of the house stands in the doorway; he has heard her gasp and knows she has seen too much. He tells her, "I guess I should have locked that. Now I can't let you leave." He grabs Monica and hand gags her, dragging her backwards out of the room. In the dining room, he ties Monica's wrists and elbows while she does her best to reason with him. When this doesn't work, she pleads with him not to tie her up, but she is already bound and it is too late. The man sits her on a chair and ties her to it with plenty more rope until Monica can barely move. He gags her with a red cleave gag and leaves the room, saying he must think over what to do with her. Monica struggles but she can't shift the ropes at all. She is trapped. She is really in trouble! When the man comes back he removes her gag and lets her sip a little water before re-gagging her, this time with a ballgag. Monica manages to speak in a muffled voice, asking him to take "this thing" out of her mouth, but of course he doesn't. When evening arrives and man needs to go to bed, he tips Monica's chair over so that she can lie on the floor, still tied up and unable to move. He gives her a pillow to support her head and leaves her to sleep. In the morning, the man draws back the curtains and tells Monica that he will have to move her since there will soon be people coming to look at the house. Having already gagged her again with duct tape, he takes his frightened captive out to his Jeep and puts her in the back, placing her in a hogtie. He tells her he won't be long and then they will get under way. Realizing it is her last chance to get away, Monica struggles with her bonds, hoping to wriggle free before the man returns, but after a few minutes working on the ropes and making little progress, she realizes her outlook is not promising.

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I Can't Let You Leave enhanced (MP4) - Monica Jade

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