• Rebinder Remastered (MP4) - Cadence Lux & Laci Star

Cadence and Laci are dressed for work, bartending at a local nightclub, though neither of them is in the mood to go. Just as they discuss this, an intruder enters the room and tells them not to worry, that they don't need to go to work after all. Laci recognizes the man as The Binder, a man who broke into her house months before and tied her up, along with her friend Autumn. She had assumed The Binder had since been caught and was off the street, but obviously he is still at large. He makes the girls kneel and then ties them up one after the other, one in a hogtie and one secured to a chair. He leaves them alone for a while during which they talk to one another through their gags, clearly frustrated by the situation. Things get worse later when The Binder returns and takes them down to the basement where he has prepared two pairs of handcuffs for them, secure to a pole by a zip tie. The girls are forced to put their wrists in the cuffs and The Binder locks them in place. He secures their ankles with zip ties and finishes the job by coiling some rope around them, an unnecessary precaution but he seems to be enjoying himself. With the girls tied and locked without hope of escape, The Binder departs to another house and another victim.

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Rebinder Remastered (MP4) - Cadence Lux & Laci Star

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