• The Tenacious Sleuth (MP4) - Alba Zevon

Alba is a private investigator pursuing leads on a diamond thief. After weeks of coming up with no concrete evidence, she decides to break into his home and search his belongings, hoping to find some stones there. Before she can finish her search, she hears a sound. Has the thief returned home. She makes for the door, but before she can depart, she is grabbed from behind and a hand is clamped over her mouth to stop he shouting out for assistance. Having caught her in the act, the thief cannot let her go and therefore ties her up in a tight hogtie. He places Alba on a table to make sure she does not move around too much. Eating a biscuit, he sits next to Alba and asks her what she thinks she is doing in his house. When she refuses to cooperate, he cleave gags her and exits the room. Determined not to let it end like this, Alba works desperately to free herself, managing to loosen one of the ropes. She manages to get out of her restraints and makes her escape. Back in her own home, she decides she needs to contact the police. She sits for a moment and explains her situation to the viewer, saying that she must go to the police station in person and report what has happened. She switches her high heels for a pair of boots, and is about to set off when the thief barges his way into her home and grabs her again. Alba valiantly tries to get the upper hand, but the thief is too strong and makes her sit on a chair. He ties her up once more and gags her with duct tape, leaving her alone while he goes to summon some friends who will know how to deal with her. (The last 5 minutes of the movie are from the second camera which recorded the chair bondage scene from a different angle).

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The Tenacious Sleuth (MP4) - Alba Zevon

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