• The Whistleblower Remastered (MP4) - Tara

Tara is secretary to two men who run an import/export business. To avoid paying excessive taxes they route a certain percentage of their income into charities, except that the charities are not real. When secretary Tara discovers what is going on, she confronts her boss. Realizing that the game is up, he signals his second in command to take Tara down. Between them, they tie the girl up and gag her before the boss goes to make arrangements for Tara's removal. While they are waiting, the second in command sits playing with their former secretary, touching her legs and telling her how he has always admired her in her short little skirts, and how this was such a pity. However, he points out, she brought this on herself by being so nosy. With arrangements made to ship Tara off to foreign climes and a business meeting pending, the two men carry her to the wood shed where they tie her to a chair, attaching a rope hanging down from the ceiling to the ropes around her waist and chest, making sure she can't move around too much. Left alone, Tara struggles to escape but the ropes holding her are tight. She has made virtually no progress at all by the time the boss's right hand man returns to taunt her some more.

Noise reduction using "Neat".

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The Whistleblower Remastered (MP4) - Tara

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