• From the Archives: Four Arrests Volume 1 (MP4)  - Lily Anna, Amber Wells, Paige Turner, Becky LeSabre, Carissa Montgomery & Shauna Ryanne

This movie contains four complete movies from the period 2010-2011, all remastered from the original recordings. These videos were recorded with aspect ratio 4x3, and this has been upscaled to fit a 1920x1080 pixel frame. Filters have been applied to smooth the data while sharpening pixels; color has been balanced and sound has been augmented. There are in fact three arrests and one failed arrest where poor Carissa ends up handcuffs and zipped in the snow, while it was snowing. She could only stand it for a few minutes (it was very cold that day).

1. Pulled Over (Lily Anna & Amber Wells)
Lily Anna is pursued by a cop and made to pull over. The cop, Amber, comes to the window and explains that she ran Lily's plate and the results came back showing that she has a large number of unpaid parking tickets. She demands the girl's license, registration and proof of insurance. After running the paperwork, the cop informs Lily that her driver's license is forged. She instructs Lily to get out of the vehicle, reading her her rights as she puts her in handcuffs, then loads her into her police vehicle. It looks like Lily is in a lot of trouble.

2. Late For Her Flight (Paige Turner & Becky LeSabre)
Paige is an flight attendant who is anxious to get to the airport before her flight departs without her and she gets fired. In her haste, she speeds and gets pulled over by a cop (Becky). When it transpires that Paige's driver's license has lapsed, the cop makes her step out of the car. When she starts to argue, Becky decides to arrest her and turns her around, kicking her legs apart before she applies handcuffs to Paige's wrists and reads the woman her rights. When Paige is still confrontational, Becky decides to show her what getting frisked is really all about.

3. Officer in the Snow (Carissa Montgomery)
Officer Montgomery is investigated the reported disappearance of a woman, and goes to interview her boyfriend. The boyfriend says he has not seen her for weeks, but when the officer sees women's clothing in a bag on the floor, she tries to arrest the boyfriend. He manages to get the upper hand and locks the police woman in her own handcuffs. He gags her with duct tape, marches her outside into the snow and zip-ties her ankles together, leaving her there to freeze.

4. Taken Into Custody (Shauna Ryanne)
Shauna is pursued by a cop car because she has been speeding. The clip opens with Shauna still driving and the cop car following behind her, siren blaring. Rather than stop on the roadside and because she is so close to home, Shauna keeps going, hoping that she is mistaken and the cop simply wants to get past. When he follows her into her driveway she knows she is in trouble. She acts innocent as he asks for her driving license and registration documents. When it turns out that Shauna's license has just expired, the cop makes her step out of the vehicle where he handcuffs the indignant woman. She keeps challenging his right to treat her this way, then foolishly decides to make a run for it on foot. The cop chases her and brings her back, securing her ankles in leg irons now to prevent her running off again. After waiting for another police car to come and take her in to the station, Shauna decides to try getting into her house where she plans to lock the door on the cop. Unfortunately, her keys are still in her car and the door to the house is locked. The cop makes her get into his vehicle where he warns her not to make things worse for herself. After he shuts the door on her, Shauna goes on struggling with her handcuffs and leg irons, but her efforts to get free are futile, condemning her to a night in jail.

From the Archives: Four Arrests Volume 1 (MP4) - Lily Anna, Amber Wells, Paige Turner, Becky LeSabre, Carissa Montgomery & Shauna Ryanne

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