• Getaway Guest House Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells, Lily Anna & Jasmine St James

Lily and Amber are on their way to a weekend retreat called the Getaway Guest House. It is a place with no TV, no phones, no internet. Truly, a place to get away from it all. Lily stays outside trying to get a signal on her cellphone, but the proprietor explains that there is reception. Looking around, Lily says she will walk up to the top of a nearby ridge to see if she can get a signal there. The proprietor says she can try as he leads Amber into the house. Lily starts off up the hill and gets a weak signal part way up. She tries to make her call but the signal is fading in and out. Before she can establish a good connection, a man runs out of the trees behind her, grabs her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. Soon, Lily is lying in the grass and the man begins dragging her towards the house. From the living room of the guest house, Amber sees what is happening to her friend and exclaims to the proprietor, only to have a cloth pressed over her nose and mouth too. The women recover in the basement where the proprietor and his sidekick are in the process of tying them up, Lily to a pole and Amber to a stool. They both protest, and when this does not work they try pleading with the men to let them go. This only leads to them both being gagged with duct tape. They hear the proprietor say to his colleague that another one is expected the following day, a redhead, which will complete the order. The girls are horrified as they realize they are to be sold as slaves. They are so securely tied that escape seems almost impossible. All they can do is wait for the following day and hope that whoever arrives next will manage to get away from the Getaway Guest House and raise the alarm. The following morning, Lily and Amber have been untied and permitted to use the bathroom. Now the proprietor of this shady guest house now makes them change into sexy clothing (on screen) before they are marched back down to the basement and both tied to chairs (tying is performed on screen). The two men have almost finishing tying up their victims when they hear a loud hammering on the front door of the house. Both Amber and Lily, not yet gagged, both cry out to attract attention. The men clamp hands over their mouths to silence them, gagging them with duct tape to keep them quiet before the proprietor goes to investigate. He expects that this will be his latest guest, a redhead who booked a weekend away from it all, but instead it turns out to be a Detective Jasmine who is asking about a missing woman named Lily.

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Getaway Guest House Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells, Lily Anna & Jasmine St James

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