• Caught in a Trap (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka works for a local authority, in the office to which the public may report illegal traps. She receives one such call shortly before leaving work for the day, and agrees to investigate right away because it is o her way home. She drives to the edge of the woodland in question and changes out of her work dress and heels, settling instead for shorts and sneakers. Vonka explores the area where the trap is reported to be but cannot find it. When she does finally locate it, she does so by accidentally putting her foot in it! A zip tie closes around her ankle, a rock falls from a tree and a thin cord drags her leg up into the area. Vonka falls onto her side, startled and uncomfortable. She calls for help, but the person who comes in response is not there to help her. He owns the property and the trap is his. He dislikes officials who interfere in his activities, with their endless rules and regulations, so he decides to deal with this one in his own way. He tied her up and takes her to his house, there placing her in a hogtie with ropes very tightly secured.

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Caught in a Trap (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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