• The Smuggling Stewardesses enhanced (MP4) - Mai Ly, Tia & Kelli

Tia is an air stewardess who has been smuggling diamonds for Kelli, a long-time fence, for several years. This time, Tia has bot brought the diamonds with her. Instead, she says wants a bigger cut of the action and tells Kelli she has a better offer from another buyer. Kelli is furious and refuses to pay more, so when Tia tries to leave, she grabs the girl. They fight and Kelli subdues her. When Tia wakes, she finds Kelli tying her up, putting her in a tight hogtie. Kelli demands to know where the stewardess has stashed the latest consignment but Tia refuses to cooperate. Kelli cleave gags the girl and her tells her to grunt when she is ready to give up the information. Much later, Kelli comes back and asks a now exhausted Tia if she is ready to talk. Ungagged, Tia says she's ready but demands that Kelli untie her before she reveals the whereabouts of the stones. Kelli tells her no way, declaring that Tia can stay tied up while she takes her to the diamonds. She releases Tia from the hogtie but keeps the girl's wrists and ankles bound as she carries her out to the car and dumps her on the back seat. Kelli now reapplies Tia's gag and drives her away from the house to collect the diamonds.

Several days later, Kelli has just finished packing away her Halloween decorations when a knock comes on the door. She opens it to find another air stewardess, this one named Mai Ly. It seems that she is Tia's friend and that Tia confided in Mai Ly about her smuggling activities, and also where she was going to negotiate a better deal. At first Kelli is welcoming, admitting that she did see Tia several days earlier but says that the girl left after a short stay and has not been back. Mai Ly does not believe this and threatens to call the police. Kelli tells her to go ahead as if she has nothing to hide, but as soon as Mai Ly's back is turned, Kelli grabs her, drags the girl away from her phone and ties her up. She informs her boss that they have a problem, and he tells Kelli to bring the second girl to him as well. Kelli carries Mai Ly over her shoulder to her car and drives away with her, exactly as she did with Tia.

Upon arrival at her boss's house, Kelli drags Mai Ly in through the basement, past Tia still bound to a pole a gagged, warning the girl that if she hasn't told the boss what he wants to know yet then it will go very badly for both of them. Kelli takes Mai Ly upstairs to the boss's office where he instructs Kelli to tie the girl to a chair. Now he has two girls to sell, and surely he will be able to make one of them tell him where the diamonds are hidden?

Combines parts 1 and 2 of this story. Reprocessed with "Neat" noise reduction.

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The Smuggling Stewardesses enhanced (MP4) - Mai Ly, Tia & Kelli

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