• Struggling to Call For Help Remastered (MP4) - Taylor

Taylor is a secretary who knew a little too much about her boss's shady deals, and the time came for him to have her taken out of circulation. Taylor is bound by wrists, ankles and thighs, her mouth gagged with duct tape, and she has been left on the floor to struggle. This is day two of her captivity - the chair in the background, surrounded by rope, suggests where she spent the night. Taylor is determined to summon help, and manages to get her iPhone off the coffee table. She presses on the touch pad, trying to dial 911, but the phone's battery is dead. Talor begins to cry in frustration. Then she realizes that not all is lost - her captor has left his iPad on the chair. Taylor maneuvres herself up onto her knees so that she can reach the iPad and drag it onto the floor. Touching the screen activates the device, but a lock pad appears - the iPad needs a code to be entered to permit access. Taylor is thwarted again. Unable to get out of the ropes keeping her tied up, she can do nothing more to help herself and must wait for her captor to return.

11 minutes 25 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 534.1 MB

Struggling to Call For Help Remastered (MP4) - Taylor

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