• Wrongful Arrest Remastered (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Lavender

Carissa and Lavender are all dressed up and just on their way out to a charity function when a cop pulls into the driveway. He orders Carissa to set out of her car and promptly handcuffs her without reading her her rights. He accuses her of speeding on the highway when she has not been anywhere yet, and then tells her that a warrant has been issued for her arrest. Carissa is mystified and alarmed, and she knows something is badly wrong. The cop then turns his attention to Lavender, making her step out of the car where she too is handcuffed. Finally, he makes the women stand side by side behind their car and links their legs together with leg irons. He makes them to walk into Carissa's house like this, where he makes them to kneel down. The cop now applies another set of handcuffs, linking the girls' wrists together, looping the chain around their arms and waists to seriously restrict their range of movement. Now he explains what is going on: It seems that both Carissa and Lavender humiliated his sister in a nightclub, and this is payback time. He says he is just starting his 8-hour shift, and that he will be back after that to attend to them. He departs, leaving the two women helplessly enmeshed in cuffs and chains.

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Wrongful Arrest Remastered (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Lavender

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