• I Know Your Secret (MP4) - Jasmine St James

It's morning, and the first thing Jasmine discovers is that she is bound hand and foot and gagged. She has no idea what is going on, and knows only that she must escape. She hops to the kitchen to find something to cut her bonds but fails to find anything she can safely use. Instead, she works on untying the knots. It takes some time but she eventually manages to free herself. She runs to the front door but cannot get it open. The back door and all the windows are similarly sealed. Again, she has no idea what is going on. This is when she finds a box. Opening it, she finds clothes and various restraints including a bit gag, plus a note that reads, "I know your secret, and if you want this information to go no farther, you will change into the clothes provided and secure yourself with the restraints." Jasmine is shocked to discover that someone else knows about the embezzlement she got away with the previous year, and afraid that the writer might give her up to the authorities, she gags herself with the bit gag and uses the plastic cuffs, zip tie and a pair of handcuffs to tie herself to a chair. Now all she can do is wait to see what happens next.

After a while, she hears the front door open. Clearly, the intruder has a means to unseal it. When he enters the room, Jasmine is surprised that she does not recognize him. How does he know her? How did he find out what she did? It turns out that, while he may know of her crime, he does not know how she did it, and that's what he wants her to tell him. Jasmine refuses at first but then seems to relent, asking for an opportunity to get dressed properly rather than wear the clothes he selected for her. He agrees, but once she has changed, Jasmine attempts to escape through a window with a faulty latch. This leads to her being tied up again while the intruder looks for and finds her safe. When she won't give him the combination, he says he will take the whole thing. By way of punishment, he makes a small hole in a gas pipe in the basement and leaves a candle burning beside her. The eventual outcome is obvious. Once he departs, Jasmine struggles desperately to blow out the candle and free herself before it is too late.

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I Know Your Secret (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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