• You Don't Need To Do This enhanced (MP4) - Lily Anna

Lily has been captured and taken to a quiet spot in the country. She is ordered out of the vehicle and into the garage where she is instructed to secure a collar around her neck, the collar being attached to a pole by a zip tie. Next, Lily is handed a pair of handcuffs and ordered to put the on her wrists, securing her hand behind the pole. Now that she is unable to escape, her captor takes his time tying her up with plenty of rope, wrapping it around her chest, waist, hips, knees and ankles. She tells her captor that he doesn't need to do this, that she is not going anywhere, but he wants to make really sure. Finally, Lily is gagged with three strips of duct tape to keep her quiet, then leaves her to struggle helplessly in her inescapable bondage.

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You Don't Need To Do This enhanced (MP4) - Lily Anna

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