• The Pokemon Hunters Remastered (MP4) - Vonka Romanov & Lea Hart

Lea and Vonka are searching for Pokemons with their iPhones, and this leads them to the garden of a man hiding from the authorities. When he sees the girls from the window, he immediately thinks they are connected with the police and are out to catch him. He goes to intercept them, demanding to know what they are doing on his property. Th girls try to explain that they are hunting a Pokemon, but the man does not know what they are talking about. Unable to risk just letting them go now that they have seen him, he makes them enter the house where he checks them for wires and then secured their wrists behind their backs with plastic cuffs. The girls keep insisting that he is making a mistake, so the man uses more zip ties to secure them to chairs, then gags them to keep them quiet. While he goes to hide their car, the girls desperately try to free themselves, but there is no way to wriggle out of plastic cuffs. Vonka takes the daring step to tip her chair forward, then wriggles along the ground heading for the fireplace tools, hoping one of them will be sharp enough to use to cut themselves free. Vonka runs into trouble when she realizes the gap she needs to get through while secured to the chair is too narrow. At this point, Lea realizes their cellphones are still on the table where the man made them put them, she she begins working her way across the floor to retrieve one of them, encouraged by a now totally incapacitated Vonka. Lea just manages to get to her phone when the man returns and takes it away from her. By way of punishment, he warns them that they will now spend a very cold and uncomfortable night in the basement.

The girls are marched to the basement, their wrists still secured by plastic cuffs. They are made to stand back to back and a zip tie is used to connect their cuffs. Their ankles are restrained by more zip ties. Finally, both girls are cleave gagged and blindfolded. The man leaves them, informing them that the blindfolds are a blessing because then they won't see the rats coming.

After a long, cold, sleepless night, the man returns and says he has checked out the phones, and now he believes that they were indeed just hunting a Pokemon. The problem now is that he can't let them go because they will run straight to the authorities. He explains that he has made arrangements for them to be shipped somewhere warm, a welcome change from the cold they are currently experiencing, and freeing the girls (except for their wrists), he makes them walk back upstairs. Here, both girls are placed in a tight hogtie and gagged with duct tape. They must stay restrained until their transport arrives to take them to the dock and the shipping container where they will spend the next few weeks. The girls struggle desperately to get free, trying to help one another, but the ropes are tight and the knots difficult to reach. They hardly make any progress at all before the sound of a big truck is heard pulling up outside, and the girls are informed that their transport has arrived.

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The Pokemon Hunters Remastered (MP4) - Vonka Romanov & Lea Hart

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