• Disappeared Remastered (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

Niki is busy at the office where she works, unaware of the turn her life is going to take when she leaves to go home. Walking across the underground parking lot, her car the last one there, a man rushes up behind her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. When Niki recovers, she finds herself lying on the floor somewhere, tightly bound in a hogtie and with a bandanna gag in her mouth. She flexes the ropes holding her but they won't yield. Niki squirms around trying to find a way out of her captivity, but she can't reach any of the knots binding her. She is trapped. After a while, the man who grabbed her in the underground garage enters and lies down beside her. He explains that he needs to her to help him gain access to the building where she works, but that won't be until Monday, meaning that she will stay his prisoner for the entire weekend. He points out that Niki's clothes are somewhat formal and that he'd like to see her in something sexier, so he plans to change her, but not while she is awake. The cloth is pressed to her face again and Niki slips away. When the recovers next time, she finds herself tied to a chair. The man is there, and he tells her he has to go out for a while. He gives her some water and then gags her with two strips of duct tape. Left alone, Niki struggles to get free, but as the hours pass she makes no progress at all.

This remastered version contains a little extra footage, about a minute where Niki is tied to a pole, and several minutes at the end where the various greenscreen takes are included. These reveal Niki's willingness to do all this stuff and includes a taste of her sense of humor.

24 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,146.1 MB

Disappeared Remastered (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

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