• A Bad Time To Come Home (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence has been out with friends and arrives home without the slightest inkling that an intruder lurks in her house. At least, not until he grabs her from behind, duct tapes her wrists together behind her back, and picks her up to carry her through to her living room. Here, he tapes her ankles and thighs, and when she starts to call for help, pushes a cloth into her mouth and wraps microfoam tape around her head, sealing in the cloth and shutting her up. When Cadence attempts to reach her phone to call for help, she is placed in a hogtie on the floor, again using duct tape.

The intruder finds a bag while searching for valuables, a bag containing some of Cadence's toys. She looks on in dismay as he unpacks the bag, producing handcuffs, ball gag, bit gag, chains, and ankle cuffs. He wants to put these on her and cuts away the duct tape binding her legs and wrists. Soon, Cadence is secured like a prisoner ready for transport, but all the intruder wants is to watch her walk up and down in the restraints, and sit on his lap. Finally, he demands to know where the safe is hidden. Cadence claims there is a safe in the basement, so he makes her walk to the basement stairs. Before she is compelled to try descending the stairs in her restraints, however, she admits that she was lying.

Disappointed that he can't find any valuables, the intruder decides it is time for him to leave. Before departing, he decides to tie Cadence to a chair to stop her moving around and possible soliciting help. She is bound with ropes and cleave gagged. He places his hands on her thighs as he tells her she will be alright, that someone will find her... and then he is gone. Cadence struggles with the ropes but they are tight, and there seems little hope of escape.

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A Bad Time To Come Home (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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