• Daydreaming (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka lives in a house once occupied by a drug dealer, and she has experienced a number of break-ins where people are looking for controlled substances, not believing that she knows nothing whatsoever about it. These break-ins happen so often that Vonka is no longer frightened but just irritated by repeatedly being assailed and tied up by people wanting to search the premises. So it is on this Saturday where she is ready to go out and has another intruder enter the house. With a resigned sign, she allows him to tie her up and gag her, knowing that once he comes up empty, he will just leave. All she has to do is get herself free. This can take some time and can becoming quite boring. Part way through struggling with her bonds this time, Vonka's imagination takes her off into a daydream where she is dressed as Jessica Rabbit and has been tied up by an arch criminal. She gives him plenty of mouth until he gags her and leaves her helplessly trussed up, secured to a chair. When she finally emerges from her daydream, Vonka finishes getting herself free in the real world. Incredibly, just as she is untying her ankles, she hears a sound and looks up to see another intruder. She mutters, "Oh, not again," and reflexively puts her hands up, knowing what is coming next.

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Daydreaming (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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