• The Wrong Sister (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is brought into her own home with her hands cuffed behind her and tape over her mouth. The gag is removed and she is tied to a chair for interrogation. He wants to know the whereabouts of a vitally important package she is known to be delivering. Jasmine claims to have no knowledge of this and is alarmed by the accusation. When she is shown a picture of what appears to be her placing the package inside her car, she realizes what has happened. Her estranged twin sister Daisy is obviously involved in something nefarious, and this guy has grabbed the wrong sister. He reports this information to his boss who immediately starts trying to locate Daisy. In the meantime, the gang can leave no witnesses, so Jasmine is transferred to the basement of the house where she is tied standing up. A ticking bomb is placed in front of her, counting down to her destruction. The villain thinks it might be amusing for her to watch him deal with her troublesome sister, and leaves an iPad on a chair in front of her. When the time comes, he will stream her sister's fate and she can watch, helpless to do anything to intervene.

 Later, on the other side of town, Daisy pulls up at her house to find the villain waiting for her. She challenges him, but when he holds up his cellphone to reveal her sister bound and gagged and in danger, Daisy has no choice but to hand over the package. Now she too is taken into her home and tied to a bed, a bomb strapped to her chest and also counting down. The cellphone is left on a chair at the foot of the bed so that she can see her sister, and her sister can see her. More accustomed to this life style, Daisy manages to free herself and disarm the bomb. She picks up the phone and tells Jasmine that she won't let her down, that she is on her way. The movie concludes with Daisy arriving in Jasmine's basement, with the bound girl watching as her sister tries to disarm the bomb before it explodes.

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The Wrong Sister (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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