• The Bondage Web Complete (MP4) - Cadence Lux

1. The Bondage Web: Taken (31 minutes 21 seconds)
Cadence is working late at the office. The char lady brings her a coffee to keep her going before she heads home. Cadence drinks it as she continues going through her papers. Suddenly, she feels very tired. The room seems to be spinning. She falls forward. Suddenly, the room is gone. When she returns to the world, she finds herself in the back of a vehicle. Her wrists and ankles are bound, a cleave gag is in her mouth and a hood is over her head to ensure she cannot see where she is being taken. When the vehicle stops, the hood is removed and Cadence is forced to get out and hop towards a building. Inside, she is told to lie down on a bed and cuff her ankles and one of her wrists. Her captor secures the other wrist. When she begins calling for help, he sticks duct tape over her mouth then leaves her alone.

Later, much later, Cadence is given a key to release the cuffs, and is then to forced to take off her clothes and put on some sexy lingerie. It seems her captor has more plans for her.

2. The Bondage Web: Trapped (22 minutes 53 seconds)
Cadence has been forced to put on lingerie supplied by her captor, and is then made to stand with her arms outstretched and legs apart as he ties her to a pair of poles, creating a web of rope holding her in place and preventing her from sitting down (tying is not shown). Once his captive is secure, the masked man wraps microfoam tape around Cadence's head, covering her mouth once, twice, three times. Now she can't even speak. Compelled to stand like this in her high heels, Cadence's feet start to ache and she repeatedly lifts one foot and then the other to take the strain off her legs.

Some time later, her captor makes her put on a new dress and hogties her on the bed, a cleave gag in her mouth to subdue her moans. Cadence struggles hard with the ropes, and while it takes a long time, she eventually manages to free her hands. She unties her legs and finds a way outside. There are several vehicles standing on the grass. If just one of them is open, has keys inside, she could get away. While she is trying to doors, however, her captor appears behind her, grabs her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. Cadence fights back until she is compelled to take a breathe, then her world swims out of focus. Her escape attempt has failed.

3. The Bondage Web: Peril (31 minutes 20 seconds)
Following her failed escape attempt, Cadence is now in trouble. Because her captor is going out for a while, he wants to make very sure that an unattended Cadence does not escape again. After making her remove her dress, leaving her in her lingerie, he tells her to sit on a chair perched on a rubber mat. The mat rests on a metal sheet, an ominous addition. Cadence has her wrists and ankles secured with plastic cuffs before she is gagged with duct tape. Before departing, her captor attached two electrical leads to the metal sheet and then turns on the power, electrifying it. Now if Cadence should work her way off the may, she will receive a huge jolt of electricity. Alone now, she sits still, afraid to makes anything more than small movements for fear of electrocution. She undergoes the stress of having to sit in this position for an extended period of time, actually wanting her captor to return and remove her from this perilous situation.

When he finally does return and shut off the power, Cadence sags with relief. The man cuts her free and orders her to strip off completely in preparation for a night tied to a bed. As unlikely as escape is, should she succeed, she will find it much harder to navigate through darkness in the nude. To ensure that she does not disturb her captor during the long night, she is again gagged with duct tape to ensure her silence. Cadence is starting to feel that this nightmare may never end.

4. The Bondage Web: Chained (16 minutes 15 seconds)
After a night spreadeagled naked on a bed, Cadence is now allowed to dress herself once more. Her captor has to go to work and will be gone for the entire day, so to ensure that Cadence does not succeed in escaping again, he chains her to a chair, using padlocks to hold her firm. Her wrists are cuffed behind the back of the chair, the handcuffs held in place with a zip tie. Even her ankles are wrapped in chain. To put the finishing touches to her discomfort, Cadence then has a bitgag pushed between her teeth. The prospect of sitting like this for hours is terrible, but there in nothing Cadence can do about it.

The Bondage Web Complete (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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