• Failure To Appear (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov

Detective Vonka Romanov has arrived to arrest Jasmine for failing to make a court appearance in response to a subpoena, and immediately places her in handcuffs. Vonka's phone rings, and while she is taking the call, Jasmine retrieves a bobby pin from her hair and picks the lock of her cuffs. Just as Vonka ends her call, Jasmine slaps the handcuffs on her wrists, then looks through the detective's purse to find more cuffs. She makes Vonka sit down on a chair and locks shackles around her ankles, planning then to leave before Vonka's backup arrives. However, when Vonka taunts her about how easily she will be caught, Jasmine goes off to find some rope to attach the detective to the chair. While she is away, Vonka extracts a handcuffs key from her shoe and gets the drop on Jasmine when she returns, re-cuffing her and tying her to the chair instead. She informs the station that Jasmine is guilty of far more than skipping a court appearance, and asks for more backup to take her in.

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Failure To Appear (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov

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