• Dangerous Game enhanced (MP4) - Madison Grey

Madison is a personal secretary to a company director, and she has discovered that her boss has been siphoning money out of the company into off-shore accounts. Instead of reporting him, she goes to him and demands a raise, and even a pay off for her silence. It seems no one ever warned her that blackmail is a dangerous game to play. Her boss refuses to negotiate. Instead, he grabs Madison and ties her up, and when she won't stop arguing with him he stuffs a handkerchief into her mouth and then gags her with her own scarf. Madison struggles against her bonds for some minutes, then sees that the boss has left his cellphone on a nearby table. She works her way to the table, knocks the phone to the floor and starts calling for help. Her boss returns and discovers what she is doing. He snatches the phone away and manhandles his secretary, sitting her upright and snarling at her. In his rage, he rips open her blouse, the buttons flying everywhere. He picks Madison up and carries her into his bedroom, placing her on the bed and securing her in a hogtie to make sure she doesn't go anywhere, or make another attempt to summon help.

19 minutes 34 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 922.6 MB

Dangerous Game enhanced (MP4) - Madison Grey

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