• Accommodating a Convict enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez

Hannah is returning home and is on the phone with a friend who warns her that a criminal has escaped from jail. Police have warned everyone in her area to stay at home and lock their doors. Hannah boasts that she's not worried; if the convict comes to her home, she is more than prepared.  When she enters the house, however, she hears a noise. Despite her bravado of just moments before, she starts to panic and in her confusion does not see the man approaching behind her. She is hand-gagged and told not to move.

He learns from her that her husband is out of town for a few days and that she's not expecting any visitors. So begins Hannah's ordeal as she is first front-hogtied while the convict raids her husband's wardrobe for clothes, and is then made to cook a meal for him with her hands still bound and a gag in her mouth. The convict invites Hannah to join him in the meal but she says she cannot eat. At last the convict is ready to leave and puts Hannah in a conventional hogtie on the floor to prevent her calling the police when he is gone. He changes her gag, pushing a cloth between her teeth and duct-taping it in place. Hannah struggles but can't get free and resigns herself to having to wait for someone to find her. Then, to her horror, the convict returns saying that the police are everywhere and that he will have to wait until night to make good his escape.

Later, when he is ready to make a second attempt at escaping, he takes Hannah to her basement, sits her on a stool and handcuffs her to a pole. He secures a collar around her neck and ties her ankles to the stool before finally gagging her again. He finally makes his departure, leaving her restrained without any hope of escape.

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Accommodating a Convict enhanced (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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